Our recruiting process

When you contact us and explain what professional profile you are looking for and what qualifications you want candidates to have, we start with the following:

  • We look for candidates through a range of different strategic channels: ads, social media, unions related to each profession and much more.
  • We arrange an interview with suitable candidates.
  • We select the candidates whose professional profile and qualifications best fit your job requirements.
  • We email translated curricula vitae of those applicants we selected for you.

When you have selected the candidates we recommended, we contact the candidates in order to provide them with more information and begin the preparation and arrangement for candidate's job interview with you.

Your interview with our candidates can be conducted in the following way:

  • As an online meeting
  • You can come to Spain and have an interview with the candidates.

We take care of the entire interview arrangement. We are also at your service regarding interpreting and translation during the interview.

After the interview we assist both the candidates you have selected and their families in all the administrative preparations necessary before moving:

  • We prepare all necessary documentation that need to be translated and sent to Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare) or Swedish Council for Higher Education.
  • We give assistance with translations and guide the candidates through the application process - documents they need to send such as nostrification of diploma, in order to have the professional certificate approved as soon as possible.
  • We plan and instruct classes in Swedish for the candidates you have chosen. The course length depends on the level you require the candidates to have reached at the end of the course. Our courses are based on 200 teaching hours divided into 4-hour sessions every day.

Having reached an agreement with you regarding the date when a candidate will begin the new job, we help our candidates with all practical information and guidance regarding relocation to Sweden. We help the candidates to look for a flat, to register at Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), to enrol their children in kindergarten and/or school and to obtain information about Swedish courses in Sweden.

Communication with candidates and relocation to Sweden

It is extremely important to keep in mind that most of our candidates have never been in Sweden and that they will be going through a huge and significant change in life. For that reason, they will appreciate that the communication between you, candidates and us is transparent.

In our experience, our candidates highly value having a contact in Sweden to whom they can speak to in case they have questions and ideas.

It is important for our candidates to feel they have a home to come to upon their arrival in Sweden. Questions regarding a new home become more frequent as the relocation to Sweden gets closer.

Our candidates have excellent social competence and look forward to sharing their knowledge. They are keen on participating in Swedish multicultural society and meeting their new colleagues.

We believe that effective and open communication between all parties is the key to a good and successful recruitment.

User testimonials

Alberto, Camara de Comercio

El desempeño de Dejan como docente principal del proyecto de formación en sueco fue inmejorable. Sin duda, no hubiéramos encontrado otro profesional igual, por su metodología, conocimientos

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New Swedish courses at Centro Sueco

New Swedish courses begin  November 21st. You can visit our new language webpage
for more information regarding the language courses we offer

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