Sweden is a country of a remarkable and intact nature. You may find beautiful beaches, mountains and vast forests. Sweden has over 100 000 lakes. Swedes like sport and outdoor activities so you will find them close to hiking trails and sport facilities that can be used for free. A very important word in Swedish is Allemansrätten, which means that you are allowed to spend time in the nature, including even staying on a private property.


There are 9.7 inhabitants living in Sweden. You may find people from all over the world living and working in Sweden which makes the Swedish society dynamically multicultural. In addition to this, a myriad of languages are spoken in Sweden.
Sweden has a parliamentary democracy. Swedish parliament is called riksdag. Sweden has a head of State. Sweden is a welfare state with strong social security and high standard of living. Equality and gender equality are important words in the Swedish society.

Work conditions

Work conditions in Sweden are safe and an employee is seen as an important work force. Collective agreement is an important word for many people working in Sweden. Collective agreement means that the employees are protected by certain rules and regulations (holidays, salary and much more). The majority of Swedish employers follow Collective agreement. Many employers create and offer their employees an opportunity to develop themselves professionally, which leads to a well-being at work. Occupational safety and health is also very important in Sweden.
In Sweden you will find rather a horizontal work form where employees and directors have a continuous and open dialogue. Constructive relation between directors and employees is highly significant. You are not expected to work overtime but if you do you will receive an adequate compensation. Unions are strong in Sweden and many people are members.

Family and children

Sweden is one of the safest countries for children. This means that the entire society has responsibility for children’s comfort. Prents have right to paid parental leave in 480 days that you can use until child turns 8. School books and school food are totally for free.
Day nursery has a cost of 100 Euros topmost, regardless how many children you have or your income. All parents with children of age under 16 receive child benefit. Municipalities offer a range of activities for kids to reduced price, such as sport and music amongst other things. Child benefit in Sweden is approximately 120 Euros a month for each child until the age of 16.


Institutes and universities are for free in Sweden. Nowadays the majority of universities in Sweden offer distance studies which can help those who wish to both work and study. You can continue to study Swedish for free upon your arrival to Sweden.


Sweden has a varying climate due to its geographical position. The north part of the country that stretches beyond the polar circle has subarctic climate meanwhile the southern parts of the country have temperate climate thanks to the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic Ocean.

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El desempeño de Dejan como docente principal del proyecto de formación en sueco fue inmejorable. Sin duda, no hubiéramos encontrado otro profesional igual, por su metodología, conocimientos

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